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About Us
Our company was registered to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry as “Erginer Porcelain Company” in 1957. Our company produced porcelain between the years 1950-1980 and started to manufacture technical ceramics after 1980s.

By closely following the developments in the sector, the production of aluminum oxide ceramics with high hardness and wear resistance, called "Alumina", was started in the 1990s. At the beginning of the 2000s, the production of titanium dioxide technical ceramics called "Titania" and zirconium dioxide technical ceramics called "Zirconia" started. With these developments, our company has started to serve mainly in the textile sector, as well as the copper-steel wire drawing and cable sector and other sectors.

Erginer Ceramic combines todays advanced technologies with its experience of more than 60 years. The main principle of our company is to produce technical ceramics and porcelain in Turkey by keeping our customers satisfaction in the first place without compromising on our quality.

For this, our company makes integrated production to meet the special demands of its customers without difficulty. Erginer Ceramic has introduced its products in many countries with the exhibitions it has participated in at home and abroad and has proven itself with its quality. We serve our customers in Turkey with our regional directorates, as well as the world market with our agencies abroad in Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain and Mexico.

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